The New Liberal Manifesto

The New Liberal Manifesto is an informal initiative by a group of Liberal Democrats led by Chris Bowers.

It restates the key features of liberalism and suggests how liberalism can best be put into effect in the modern world.

We hope that it will enable Liberal Democrats to express more clearly what we stand for, and apply those principles to a programme for government that will have to grapple with climate change, the increasing power of commerce in a data driven world, and the various threats posed to democracy everywhere, but particularly in this country.

Redefining liberalism for modern-day Britain


 News and media involving the New Liberal Manifesto

Stunning turnout at Bournemouth fringe meeting

The fringe meeting 'Shouldn't we be doing better? - the need for bolder messaging', hosted by the New Liberal Manifesto at the Liberal Democrats' 2023 autumn conference in Bournemouth, attracted a stunning turnout. Even several minutes before the meeting was due to start, the room was filled to twice its recommended capacity, with the queue...

NLM to host fringe meeting at Bournemouth conference

The New Liberal Manifesto is hosting a fringe meeting at the Liberal Democrats' federal conference in Bournemouth on Saturday 23 September 2023. The meeting, 'Shouldn't we be doing better? - the need for bolder messaging', will feature the respected psephologist and pollster John Curtice, a response from the party's manifesto coordinator Dick...

Radix features New Liberal Manifesto

The UK liberal discussion website has published a piece about the New Liberal Manifesto. See it at

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